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Concrete Vibrator - High Frequency AF

Motor-in-head pokers for concrete M AFP-T

High frequency concrete vibrator.
Reinforced tube
The switch box, made from high-impact aluminium alloy, is robust and watertight,completely ruling out the possibility of moisture from the cement entering.
Switch protected by a reinforced rubber washer resistant to continuous use and the wear and tear of abrasive materials.
Enar motor-in-head pockers operate at a vibration frequency of 12.000 v.p.m.
The broad range of Enar vibrators can be employed for all types of vibration operations.
Their frequency and amplitude guarantee an optimal compaction of the concrete without any segregation of the elements composing the mass.
Using Enar, the result is concrete that is resistant and has no fissures, and a finish that is homogeneous and has no holes.

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High Frequency concrete vibrator with an internal motor.

Motor-In-Head, high frequency concrete vibrators. This high frequency equipment connects directly to a converter and operates at a low-voltage of 42v. Several converters are available including the AFE which power ranges from 1KVA to 6KVA as well as the ultralight BOXEL which power ranges from 1.5KVA to 5KVA. Protected converters are also available and the heavier models come with the option of a transport trolley. In the situation whereby an electrical power source is not available on the work site, ENAR also offers petrol and diesel generators which you can run the 42v high frequency vibrators from.

The Motor-in-Head vibrators have a highly resistant switch, hardened poker heads for protection against wear and tear, an oversized engine and come with integrated thermal protectors. The easy to run high frequency vibrators are very light making them easy to handle and come with a standard length transmission of 5 metres and a 10 metre power cable, however, both of which can be shortened or extended to better meet your requirements. The high frequency vibrator also comes with an optional pistol which is ideal for horizontal jobs and has the added option of a shock absorber for those working with the product over longer periods of time.

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