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NEW Vibrating screed TORNADO E-BATT

Battery-powered electric motor

ENAR, solving your concrete vibration requirements.

Only in ENAR will you find the best concrete


BOXEL, the #1 in concrete vibration

You will only find the best electronic concrete vibrators with multiple outlets

At ENAR. Don´t hesitate, choose the Boxel by ENAR

Fundamental steps for a correct concrete vibration process

Different aspects may be taken into account for choosing the most adequate concrete vibrator for a project, as well as the following steps to follow for obtaining the best possible results on concrete.

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How do vibrators work to achieve a correct concrete compaction?

The concrete vibration process is widely used worldwide, and is fundamental for obtaining resistant secure structures, high durability on construction works and zero-imperfection finishes. It is difficult to imagine how the modern construction world would be without concrete vibration.

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Why is concrete vibrated?

Working with concrete involves one of the main challenges construction professionals often have to deal with. With the adequate machinery and construction equipment, trust increases ensuring a correct process of concrete vibration.

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ENAR becomes a new AED member

ENAR becomes a new member of the most important association of construction machinery distributors and manufacturers in the United States

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